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Looking for career opportunities? Consider joining the next generation of elite technicians


(BPT) - There's good news for those entering the job market, people wanting a career change or military veterans searching for a new path forward: Landing a rewarding lifelong career as a truck and trailer technician has never been easier. You don't need years of expensive education or training to enter this field, which is currently in high demand. With just a short period of training, you can learn to service America's fleet of trucks and trailers that are the backbone of the country's economy.

Technicians are in high demand

With the persistent need for delivery services and a responsive supply chain due to today’s on-demand lifestyle — in addition to the fast-changing technological developments occurring in the trucking industry — companies nationwide are actively recruiting technicians who can learn how to service both diesel-powered and today's more sustainable electric vehicles (EV), from medium to heavy trucks to tractor-trailers.

Paid training and no experience required

Fortunately, if you’re interested in joining this evolving, in-demand field, you can find a training program that will set you up not just for a great job, but for a lifelong career. FleeTec Academy, powered by Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services, offers an unmatched paid training program that provides competitive wages, all your living expenses and travel to one of the academy’s two locations: Phoenix and Indianapolis. The four-week program offers intensive, hands-on training from professional instructors to ensure each student will learn the advanced skills required to be a successful technician.

Here’s what the training program provides:

  • Four-week accelerated academic environment alongside equally ambitious candidates.
  • Paid living expenses and travel to the training location.
  • Competitive pay throughout the four-week training program.
  • Practical application in a mechanical shop environment, not just classroom learning, plus interpersonal skills required to set yourself apart from the rest and drive your career to the next level.
  • Guaranteed job placement with Cox Automotive.
  • Best-in-class employee benefits on Day 1.
  • $20,000 worth of tools to equip you on your essential mission to keep America’s trucks up and running after two years of service with Cox Automotive.

"From hands-on training and instructors who go above and beyond to guaranteed career opportunities and great pay, FleeTec and Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services have taken really good care of me," said FleeTec graduate Tramone Sims. "After FleeTec, I feel like I can go out and work on any type of truck and really grow my career."

Upon completion of the training program, you'll be qualified to perform preventive maintenance and light repairs. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Cox Automotive’s industry-leading tools and techniques from the ground up, including unmatched safety procedures.

The program requires a two-year commitment to the company upon completion, with a guaranteed technician position where you’ll continue to receive mentorship and learn even more valuable industry skills at one of their many service centers or field service locations nationwide. To date, over 240 technicians have completed the program.

"Technician training, recruitment and retention are critical to the growth of our business and the industry as a whole," said Ted Coltrain, executive officer, Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services. "It's an opportunity of a lifetime for someone who has what it takes to remain focused and dedicated to both work and education full-time as they complete this exceptional training program."

Interested? Visit to watch videos of FleeTec students, learn more about the training program and to apply.

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