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How to Survive "Super Sick Monday" After the Big Game


(BPT) - Are you looking forward to the Big Game on Sunday but dreading the day after? You're not alone. Last year, 16.1 million Americans missed work the Monday after the Big Game, and 8 million scheduled the day off in advance. It's easy to see how this day has been dubbed "Super Sick Monday."

In honor of all those who call out of work after overindulging in football festivities and game day shenanigans, Silk Creamer is here to help you tackle "Super Sick Monday." Check out their top five tips that can add smoothness to your Monday morning.

1. Have your email template ready

Whether you request the day off in advance or plan to call in on Monday morning, make things easier on yourself by having an out-of-office email drafted and ready to go. Silk Creamer's got you covered — check out the email template!

2. Upgrade your morning cup of coffee with creamer

It can be difficult to stick to your morning routine after a weekend of sports-filled fun, but one ritual you shouldn't skip is your morning coffee. Take your coffee to the next level by reaching for Silk Creamer to start the day off right.

While you build your Big Game snack roster, pick up a carton of Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer to add a blend of smooth and creamy vanilla with velvety almond flavor to your coffee or try the rich, oatmeal cookie creaminess of Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat Creamer.

3. Put some protein on your plate

While your coffee is brewing, be sure to eat a balanced breakfast that includes protein and whole grains to fuel your day and help you power up after celebrating (or mourning) the game-winning touchdown. Don't hesitate to add fresh fruit or veggies to your lineup.

Pro tip: A couple of slices of bacon are always delicious, but you should play it safe. Too many greasy, heavy foods may only add to tummy troubles.

4. Stay hydrated during and after the game

After a weekend of snacking and drinking, you may feel exhausted the morning after. To help make your Monday a little smoother, drink plenty of water during the big game.

On Super Sick Monday, make sure you have electrolyte drinks on hand to rehydrate quickly. Like the pros, you can enjoy a low-sugar sports drink.

5. Prepare to relax

Snuggle up on your couch and prepare to relax. Look through your watch list for shows and movies you've been looking forward to watching. Or cue up your favorite sitcoms and blockbusters while you cuddle up in your favorite blanket.

Make your Mondays "Super Smooth"

Now that you've survived "Super Sick Monday," how can you make all your Mondays smoother? To help make Monday (or any day) run that much smoother, Silk has created exclusive Super Smooth Monday kits.

These kits feature a cozy blanket, custom Silk beanie, triple insulated mug, Peet's Coffee and — the MVP of "Super Sick Monday" — Silk Creamer, so you can caffeinate or cozy up while enjoying Silk Creamer and a fresh cup of coffee to start your week off right.

On February 13 (aka "Super Sick Monday"), celebrate with Silk Creamer by visiting Instacart while limited coupons are available or entering for a chance to snag a limited-edition Super Smooth Monday kit using this link between 2/13 and 2/20.

Don't let the Sunday scaries get you down! Using these five survival tips, you can make the day after the Big Game a Super Smooth Monday with Silk Creamer.

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