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This modern digital food scale is only $7 on Amazon today

By Andrew Koopman

Add a digital food scale to your kitchen arsenal for just $6.99.

Add a digital food scale to your kitchen arsenal for just $6.99.

Simply eyeballing ingredients when meal prepping for the week or meticulously counting calories is not the most accurate approach. Instead of guessing how many ounces of meat or grams of sugar you’re using, a digital food scale makes it easy. With this deal from Amazon, you can save 53% on this Ultrean scale and get it for just $6.99.


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Ultrean Digital Kitchen Food Scale - $6.99 ($8.00 off; originally $14.99)

This thin and compact food scale is made from stainless steel to make cleanup a breeze, and it’s small enough to fit in just about any drawer or cabinet in your kitchen. It has incredible accuracy thanks to precision sensors and can weigh anything up to 11 pounds. The control panel is intuitive and lets you power it on and off, zero it out, change units and more. This scale can measure and display in:

  • Ounces
  • Grams
  • Kilograms
  • Pounds
  • Milliliters
  • Milk Milliliters

The scale uses a white backlit display on a black background to make it readable even in poorly lit rooms. It also comes with an auto-shutoff feature to save battery, and your first battery is included right out of the box. With its low energy use, you should get plenty of life out of it before the next battery swap.

So if you want to turn your kitchen guessing game into an exact science without breaking the bank, visit Amazon and order the Ultrean Digital Food Scale for just $6.99 while it’s 53% off.

By Andrew Koopman