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5 Ideas to Infuse Fun into the Family Routine This Winter


(BPT) - As we enter a new year during the cold, dark months of winter, it’s easy for anyone to lose their spark. It can be especially challenging to motivate your kids after a long holiday break. By shaking up the routine and infusing some fun and creativity into family activities, you can help beat the winter-time blues.

Here are a few fun, family-friendly ideas to help keep spirits up:

1. Get creative in the kitchen. A great (and tasty!) way to have some fun and teach your kids a thing or two is to get creative in the kitchen. Get them started with an easy recipe they can take the lead in preparing. The Frigo Cheese Heads brand has easy, healthy and creative snacks, like Fruity Cheese Kabobs, which are as fun to assemble as they are to eat.

2. Make a point to get moving. Motivation and movement go hand in hand, and there are lots of ways to get everyone in the family moving, even during the chillier months. Explore your local hiking trails or go bowling. If you’re in a snowy climate, embrace it with sledding, ice skating or snowshoeing adventures. Staying in? Consider starting an exercise challenge and up the excitement by offering prizes that your kids will be motivated to earn.

3. Get a change of scenery. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to combat the winter blues. Check out local event sites and plan one day each month for your family to explore a new festival, museum, indoor or outdoor market, park, music show or other unique local offering.

4. Throw a party. Planning a gathering is sometimes just as fun as the party itself. Host a party with your kids and let them be involved in coming up with the theme, menu and guest list. Let them get creative by making up games for a game night that both kids and adults will enjoy. Take it one step further and have them create handmade party decorations and a trophy for the winner to take home.

5. Volunteer together. Brainstorm a few simple but meaningful things to do at home that can benefit the world. Seemingly small things like starting a compost pile, collecting food shelf donations or contributing to a charity event at school are great ways to get involved and make a difference. Or consider signing the entire family up for volunteer and fundraising opportunities, such as working at a food bank, participating in park cleanups or walking or running to raise money for a charity.

Most importantly, infuse some fun and positivity during the short days of winter to help your kids keep their spark and revitalize them for the rest of the school year!

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