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The Food52 Shop's Latest Limited-Edition Collection Just Dropped

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It’s that time of year again. Last year we introduced a collection of limited-edition handmade mugs called Mugs52. The collection consisted of wares from 52 studios and makers across the globe. Now we're back with a smaller launch of handmade pieces from some of those same potters you (and we!) loved—this time all about soup.


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For help curating this collection of dishes, Casey Simring and Kayla Roolaart—our head tableware buyers over on the Food52 Shop team—tapped folks from our community of potters who they thought would have fun with this project. As always, they aimed to bring together unique wares in a variety of different styles, shapes, and designs. Each of the ceramicists practice different methods with their work, too. Some throw on the wheel, while others hand build, use slip casting, or specialize in unique glazing and painting techniques. “The piece from This Quiet Dust has a couple of details that nod to the handmade process between the hand-painted stroke and the pinched-in edge,” Roolaart says. “The same can be said for the hand-carved details on Convivial's bowl.”

By Food52