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How to Build a Better Bar Cart, According to Bartenders

By Julia Gómez Kramer, provided by

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Building out an at-home bar can quickly become overwhelming. If you’re not a bartender or someone who knows the ins and outs of cocktails and mixology, the process can go from being a fun task to a chore in minutes. Which liquors should you always have on hand? Are there specific tools that are better than others? What about garnishes—are they really necessary? To answer some of these questions, we spoke with bartenders across the country about their best tips and tricks for an ideal at-home bar setup and some simple mistakes to avoid. The first piece of advice? Steer clear of pre-curated bartending kits. “The quality is almost always lacking,” Marisa Campbell, a bartender in Rogers, Arkansas, says. “It’s better to buy individual pieces you admire and slowly build your collection to your likes and dislikes.”

By Julia Gómez Kramer