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The Simple Trick That Will Keep Scallions Fresher, Longer

By Kelly Vaughan, provided by


We’re putting aside the confusion about scallions vs. green onions for a second (they’re the same thing, for the record) to talk about how to store these alliums. When you pick up a bunch of scallions from the grocery store, you’ll find that they’re delicately packed into bundles and stacked into piles. But because of their thin skin, they don’t last long without proper care. Don’t just throw them in the back of your fridge and toss a package of deli meat, more produce, and a bottle of sparkling water on top. Treat them with some care, dang it!


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Think of scallions like flowers. They need moisture to stay fresh and are best when they’re upright. So we’re going to make a bouquet of them: Grab a mason jar or tall glass and submerge the scallions' roots in an inch or two of water. Leave the green tops out of the water while keeping the white parts generously damp. From here, you can store them on a windowsill (because who doesn’t need a little bit of sunshine), or in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.

By Kelly Vaughan